In our daily running of the website, we will need to collect personal information of our website visitors. We understand that the internet is a place where information should be handled with care especially that which relates to personal identification. We value privacy and it is for this reason that DHTGuru and all its affiliates ensure that your personal information is gathered and stored in accordance to this strict privacy policy.

According to this statement, personal information relates to any information that directly identifies you. Such information includes your email, your surname, middle and last names, your postal address and your telephone number. We collect personal information in order to be able to offer quality services to you. Such personal information is only provided voluntary and knowingly. You may opt to not submit to us your personal information but your experience on our website will be very limited. We also collect other information such as the times you visit our website or your IP address using our DHTGuru technologies.

We use your personal information in a number of ways.

  • The main purposes for collecting such information is to enable us communicate with you easily. This will include responding to your enquiries, sending you our newsletters and when seeking feedback from you.
  • We do use user information to operate, provide and maintain the DHTGuru and develop and design new products and services.
  • We also use personal information including geo-location data and customer behavioral metrics to let us personalize and display ads and other relevant content for you.

We gather and store your personal information in a very secure location. As per our policy, we never share or display any of your personal information. There are few instances when we shall share information such as with the law agencies. We however place the interests of our esteemed customers above all other interests when it comes to privacy.

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